FFIEC & Threat Investigation 

What's it take to investigate threats to your organization?

Everyday security analysts face an uphill battle in the fight against cybercrime. Organizations, especially financial institutions, are being probed, scanned, prodded and exploited by bad actors all over the globe. 

Join us for our webinar, as we reveal: 

  • How hackers really get into your organization
  • How to combine next-gen threat investigation techniques with proven traditional methods 
  • Best practices for investigating potential threats
  • 5 steps you should take right away to protect your organization 

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 Featured Presenters


Nick Roberts

Technical Research and Marketing Manager

Nick Roberts is versatile technology expert with a strong dedication to cybersecurity. He still remembers the day he spilled milk on the family Amiga 500. He’s been working on technology, marketing and cybersecurity products for over 20 years. Bridging technology, marketing and industrial psychology for organizations big and small

  • Telecom (Cox Communications – Fortune 500)
  • Internet technology (GoDaddy - Nasdaq)
  • Healthcare (Virginia Mason – 100 Best Hospitals in America)
  • Education (Kiddie Academy – Franchise owner)


Michael Oldright

Security Engineer, CEH, OPST, ACE, CDRE

Michael is a Security Engineer on the Guardian Team. Michael has over 15 years of IT experience, which includes banking, and healthcare. He obtained a BS in Cybersecurity from Excelsior College and an ATA in Information Security and Digital Forensics from Edmonds Community College. In his spare time he likes to teach others about cybersecurity, and explore the outdoors.